Hear Daft Punk get twisted for Kanye West’s new album

“I knew that I wanted to have a deep Chicago influence on this album, and I would listen to like, old Chicago house,” Kanye West reveals in a new, expansive interview with the New York Times. “I think that even Black Skinhead could border on house, On Sight sounds like acid house, and then I Am a God obviously sounds, like, super house.” So who do you call if you want some “super house” input to your latest opus? When in doubt, go Daft Punk.

While Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo spent millions creating their own Random Access Memories this year, they’ve also been flexing their darker, more abrasive side for Kanye. As they’ve revealed in interviews, the duo’s contributions to Yeezus are a clear departure from the celebratory atmosphere on RAM. “The music we worked on with Kanye was super primal and raw and super violent,” they told Mixmag. “It was the opposite of our new album in lots of ways. It was really exciting to do something completely raw.”

Yeezus was unveiled at a listening party in New York on Monday night, ahead of its 18 June release date on Def Jam, and a cryptic “three or four” tracks come with the Daft Punk stamp. Reports suggest West is still fine-tuning the album tracks with super-producer Rick Rubin. The rap wildcard did find time to leave the mixing desk to play the Governors Ball festival in NYC over the weekend, following his performance on Saturday Night Live of Black Skinhead, a credited collaboration with ‘composers’ Daft Punk. Check out that SNL performance and two of those “old Chicago house”-influenced cuts from the Governors Ball set below.

The New York Times interview “spanned several hours over three days”, and it’s full of fascinating, oddball quotes from Kanye. Just as he knew he was on the cusp of being a superstar, he says: “At the time, they used to have the Virgin music [stores], and I would go there and just go up the escalator and say to myself, ‘I’m soaking in these last moments of anonymity.’ I knew I was going to make it this far; I knew that this was going to happen.”