Halfway Between The Gutter… – Fatboy Slim

Ah, another Fatboy Slim Album, what do we have here?

I think it’s safe to say that a Fatboy Slim album can never be categorised, never be stale and the most predictable part is that they can never be predictable. After the mammoth success of his last Album “You’ve come a long way baby”, it was always going to be interesting to see what he did with the follow-up; would he repeat his winning formula or try something different? Fatboy’s latest Album, ‘Halfway Between the Gutter And The Stars’ had a lot of weight to carry on its shoulders.

I don’t like his latest Album as much as the last; he’s definitely trying something a little different, but it’s just not groovy/danceable enough for me, and perhaps a little too pop for my liking. His last album I loved (as it grew on me), it was eclectic and rockin’; “Halfway…” is eclectic but not so rocking.

The CD starts off with the soulful Talking Bout My Baby, gets more club friendly with the catchy and potentially annoying Star 69, goes pop with Sunset, gets funky with Love Life feat. Macy Gray and continues on its eclectic way to the end with Song For Shelter feat. Roger Sanchez. The tracks are innovative, but failed to get me sitting up thinking “this track rocks!”.

This CD is not as “big-beat” as the last and a lot of the tracks can be considered hits or misses. It is very oddly mixed and I have trouble classifying this a “dance” album, but it is undeniably funky, but is it dance worthy? It definitely will appeal to a lot of people and is worth a listen, just do listen before you buy so you know what you’re purchasing, which is never a given with Fatboy Slim.