Half of Daft Punk is back with a curveball new track

We might not get a new Daft Punk album for a while, but there’s still other ways to get your robot fix. Over the weekend, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo – one half of everyone’s favourite duo – shared a new track as Le Knight Club, his side-project with fellow Frenchman Eric Chédeville. The Fight is the pair’s first new song in a decade and you can hear it below.

The track was produced to soundtrack the French action film Les Portes du Soleil (Gates of the Sun), which according to IMDb, is about an “an Algerian secret agent [who] has to destroy an undercover paramilitary organization.” Though the film was released back in March, this is the first time The Fight has been posted to Soundcloud. At just two subdued minutes long, it’s probably not destined to become a dancefloor classic, but you can make what you will of Guy-Manuel’s latest below.