Gunman opens fire at Carl Cox gig in Venezuela

Horrific footage of the aftermath to a shooting at a Carl Cox gig in Caracas has surfaced on the web today, with reports indicating that 4 people were murdered and 9 injured. There’s been no official news reports following the shooting, but forum messageboards around the world are abuzz after footage was posted on YouTube by the night’s VJ.

Cox was headlining the event, called Red Noise, at La Rinconada Terrace in Caracas, Venezuela. The VJ reports that Cox was only 10 minutes into his set when an unknown man opened fire, the gun making a noise that sounded to him “like firecrackers”. He reports seeing 3 bodies on the floor immediately following the shooting.

YouTube footage of the horrible incident has now been removed. We’ll bring you updates on the full story once news reports surface.