Guetta: “I won’t make €1 out of my electronic label”

Onstage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last month, dance music mogul David Guetta revealed his plans to go back to his roots with a new electronic label. “This is the first track on the label,” he announced as his collaboration with Nicky Romero, Metropolis, kicked in. With Creamfields just around the corner, inthemix got on the phone to Guetta this morning to hear about the new venture and where it fits into his business empire.

“The label that I’m starting – it’s not a business,” Guetta told inthemix firmly. “It’s just an electronic label. I’ve been proposed the idea of starting my own label many times over the years by every major company on the planet almost but that’s not what I wanted to do. This is just for fun, it’s not for making money. I’m not going to make even one Euro out of it.”

The DJ also added that the imprint will be a pop-star-free zone. “The idea of this label is to just release electronic beats and nothing that can go to radio or sell lots of records,” he said. “It’s for Beatport only. I love making records that cross over but I’m going backwards with this label. Everything has become so big with electronic music that I think it’s time for me to do some smaller projects.”