Groove Terminator [Audio]: Ready to jump and dance


Since packing his bags and relocating to Los Angeles in the USA, Groove Terminator has seen his profile as a producer continue to grow. Achieving about as much as anyone could within the confines of Australia, he chose to move international over a year ago. While many looking to make a name on the global dance music scene set up shop in Europe, GT make the decision to head Stateside, and it has definitely paid off for the Adelaide born and bred DJ-cum-producer.

He’s now firmly entrenched in the LA scene, so much so that it was only a few days ago he found himself in super-hot nightclub Hyde after the MTV Movie Awards, watching Paris Hilton down her last drink before being carted off to prison. Having just landed in Australia for a national Onelove tour, ITM’s Tim Hardaker spoke with GT recently about the sudden end of his Tonite Only project with Sam La More, and plans for the future with his new band, Jump Jump Dance Dance.

GT tours Australia throughout June for Onelove:

Jun 8 – Byron Bay, Lala Land

Jun 9 – Sydney, Onelove

Jun 10 – Adelaide, Electric Circus

Jun 15 – Perth, Limelight

Jun 16 – Gold Coast, Platinum

Jun 22 – Canberra, Academy

Jun 23 – Melbourne, Onelove

Jun 29 – Wollongong, Bustin

Jun 30 – Brisbane, Monastery