Greens Senator Scott Ludlam DJing is the best thing you’ll see all week

Remember Scott Ludlam, the Greens Senator who delivered that viral takedown of Tony Abbott last month? Well, he’s up for re-election in his home state of WA this weekend and as politicians on the campaign trail tend to do, he’s putting in some serious time with The People right now.

But because Ludlam is a cool, with-it Greens representative – and we mean that without a trace of snark, this guy’s Twitter is next level – his campaigning isn’t limited to kissing babies and door knocking (though, we’re sure, he’s done his share of that too). Over the weekend, Ludlam hit Perth nightlife institution Capitol for “Ludapalooza”, a campaign fundraiser with a difference. Not content to just attend the fundraiser, Ludlam – AKA DJ S-Ludz – got on the decks himself for a mix that, we’re very thankful to report, has been immortalised in video for all to see. You can’t make this stuff up!

Watch, fist-pump and have your interest in Australian politics revitalised below – and, if you’re in his electorate, keep DJ S-Ludz firmly in mind as you hit the polls tomorrow. Oh, we made a gif too.

UPDATE: We’ve got our hands on Ludlam’s Ludapalooza playlist. Marvel at it below.

1. Underworld – Jumbo

2. Cut Copy – Need You Now

3. The Presets – My People

4. Metric – Youth Without Youth

5. Nine Inch Nails – Copy Of A

6. Consolidated – He

7. Flume & Chet Faker – Left Alone

8. Massive Attack – Karmacoma

9. The Herd – 0.77

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