Grab yourself a free download of the new Deadmau5 album

Last week Deadmau5 unveiled stuff i used to do, a remastered 20-track compilation of music he made between “1998 and 2001 ish”.

If you haven’t got your hands on Joel Zimmerman’s latest release yet, now’s the time – he’s made stuff i used to do available as a free WeTransfer download, but only until Friday. Eagle-eyed fans might notice that three of the tracks on the release aren’t available as part of this download, though mau5trap have promised they’ll be available to stream on Spotify.

Deadmau5 has described stuff i used to do as his “little pet project,” so hopefully he feels better about it than his last body of work – last year Zimmerman admitted that he wasn’t exactly happy with his most recent LP, December’s W:/2016ALBUM/. “i don’t even like it. it was like… so fucking rushed / slapped together,” he told fans on Twitter. “this is seriously a love/hate thing happening here. But, a thing, nonetheless. and it’s good to be doing things.”

See the stuff i used to do tracklist below and grab the free download right here.

‘stuff i used to do’ tracklist:

1. The big difference
2. Messages from nowhere
3. Digitol
4. Screen door
5. Squid
6. Sometimes i fail
7. 50 something cats
8. Charlie can’t dance
9. Bored of Canada
10. Creep (Original Version)
11. My opinion
12. HaxPigMeow
13. Obsidian
14. Obilistik
15. Long walk off a short pie
16. Support
17. Superlover
18. Try again
19. Creep (2013 alt version)
20. Unspecial Effects

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