Go behind-the-scenes of Flume’s epic Splendour set

Still fresh from his Splendour headlining high, Flume has given everyone a look at just what happened behind-the-scenes of that epic set.

In a new video dairy, Flume has lifted the curtain on his Splendour rehearsals with local all star cast Ngaiire, Jess Kent, Remi, Vera Blue and Baro, as well as sharing some eye-popping footage of the set itself and his time on the road in New Zealand.

Hitmaker Harley Streten also goes a way to explaining just how momentous the Byron return was for him: “Splendour for me…it’s a big one. I’ve come to this festival since I was 19. I played my first ever festival performance here…and now we’re doing the Amphitheatre stage. Which is nuts to me, it’s kinda surreal.”

He also goes surfing in some hella cold water in Dunedin. Watch the full video below.