Get tickets to the preview screening of Swedish House Mafia’s documentary

You’d never accuse Swedish House Mafia of doing things by halves. When they decided to end the partnership, they went out at the top of their game and sold out a world-wide tour. When they decided to capture the stresses and triumphs of that final tour on film, they brought in award-winning director Christian Larson. And now they’re premiering the resulting film at SXSW, with exclusive advance preview screenings happening around the world two days later in Sydney, New York, LA, Stockholm, London and Amsterdam.

The film will get a nationwide cinema release later in the year, but a few lucky punters will get the chance to catch it before everyone else, by winning tickets through inthemix (competition open from 10am next Tuesday February 25) or by purchasing tickets: click here for more information.

When inthemix spoke with Steve Angello earlier this year, he said that none of the SHM members had seen a final cut, and that they had no idea what would be in the end result.

“We gave him [Larson] free rein with creativity to do whatever he wants,” Angello said. “That’s one of the reasons we did this film, because I didn’t want to have too much say in it. You can always angle a film however you want, but I trust in his judgement and I trust his portrayal of what we should look like, so hopefully it’s good.

“I’ve seen some early cuts and there’s some great footage. That was the moment when we sat down and realised just how big of a tour it was. There’s some great show footage in there, so I’m excited about that.” Check out the trailer for Leave The World Behind below.

Leave The World Behind: Exclusive Premiere Screening

Hoyts Entertainment Quarter, Sydney – Friday March 14

Ticket information here.