Genres are confusing and even Tiesto can’t do anything about it

In a recent interview with Billboard at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Tiesto spoke about ever-changing genre trends and the befuddling names behind them. As a publication which tries to discuss these things on a daily basis, inthemix definitely feels the big man’s pain when it comes to talking about electronic dance music as distinct from Electronic Dance Music, and deep house as opposed to America’s relatively-deep-compared-to-big-room-but-not-quite-Kerri-Chandler-deep house. It’s all very confusing.

Electronic music is inherently evolutionary though, and humanity is not so globalised that regional ‘genre dialects’ of sorts are going to disappear anytime soon; so we accept that it’s all part of the package, but it’s still interesting to hear Tiesto’s thoughts.

When asked about the next big subgenre, he responded: “It’s hard to predict, and I try not to bother. What can you do? What do those genres even mean? EDM used to be a term for all of electronic dance music, but now it just means all the music that you’re not supposed to play. It became the new trance. It got popular, so now we’re all into deep house. And soon we’ll be over that. You can’t win.” Pretty much.

Tiesto is obviously a pretty influential dude in the sphere of danceable computer music (can we acronymise that?) so it makes sense that he might be able to affect the tastes of audiences despite those enigmatic trends. Billboard went ahead and questioned him about that too: “I don’t think you can walk up there and say, ‘okay, now I’m going to educate everybody.’ People don’t respond to that. They come to these shows to have a good time. These are still clubs, we’re entertainers, so you have to be able to read your environment.” Ah Tiesto, we could call you a genre-hopping traitor but we feel your pain.