Gaslamp Killer’s near death experience: “I can’t drink or do drugs ever again”

Despite a big summer of gigs planned, the Gaslamp Killer has suffered a setback that will keep him off the tour circuit for a while: an accident on his scooter that proved to be a legitimate near-death experience for the Los Angeles beatmaker, eventually told that he was only a mere three hours away from dying from internal bleeding. Last week the wild-haired virtuoso otherwise known as William Bensussen opened up to local paper the L.A. Weekly about exactly what happened.

He’s confirmed he was simply heading home on his electric scooter after watching a bootleg copy of Superman at a friend’s house. “I started going down this hill and the wind took my hat, so I removed one hand to grab the hat and tried to squeeze the brakes,” he told the L.A. Weekly, “but I was squeezing the front brakes and flipped my whole shit.”

What followed was a fairly grisly ordeal, vividly retold by the producer. After being taken to the USC-County medical hospital, it took some time before staff noticed the severity of his internal bleeding. He was immediately put into surgery and woke up 24 hours later with a dozen staples in his chest stretching from his belly button to his breastplate.

As Bensussen recounted, he’s now missing a spleen; a development that he says has reinforced some recent lifestyle changes. “I can’t drink or do drugs ever again,” he told L.A. Weekly, confirming that he’d already recently shed some of the wilder aspects of the DJ lifestyle.

“I literally could fucking die from alcohol,” he went on. “I could load up and turn blue and die from a night of drinking. Fall asleep and not wake up. I’m not talking like ecstasy and coke. I’m not even talking psychedelics. Just drinking…

“I feel like I was given this opportunity to slow the fuck down again, and get inside my own head, and really try and create some dope music instead of fucking burning my brains out. It’s time for me to go back inside my soul and see what comes out.”