Galantis: “Stereosonic will be the first time we show off our new set”

2015 must have been a very satisfying year for Galantis fans. After getting a taste of Swedish pair Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw’s hitmaking abilities on their breakthrough hit You and the twice-platinum Runaway (You & I) last year, in June the duo dropped Pharmacy, a debut album wall-to-wall with slick, catchy pop-dance tracks. 

Galantis unveiled their new live show earlier this year and this weekend, they’ll be bringing their impressive set-up to Australia for the first time as part of the Stereosonic tour, sharing the bill with heavyweights like Major Lazer, Duke Dumont, DJ Snake and Peking Duk. Before they get here, Christian from the duo caught up with inthemix’s KRISTY BARKER about all things touring. 

How do you feel about performing as Galantis for the first time in Australia?
It’s very exciting because Australia has been so good to us from the very beginning – I feel like this tour has been a really long time coming. I’ve been there before with Miike Snow and the audiences are always amazing.

Have you ever played a travelling festival like Stereosonic before?
Yeah, we’ve done travelling festivals before. It’s always special because everyone gets really close – you might see someone play and then the next morning run into each other at the gym. So you get a lot closer then you do playing one day festivals!

Do you mostly play your own tracks in your sets at the moment, or do you throw in a bit of other artists’ material too?
We will play a pretty mixed set, so a bit of both. We like to do a lot of mash-ups, so we might put a Galantis vocal over another track’s beat. We like to get creative with things like that, but we will usually play a lot of our own stuff as well – so there’ll be a lot of Pharmacy in there.

Speaking of the album, you just put out the video for the latest single In My Head that features some pretty amazing dance moves. Are you encouraging people to learn the choreography?
Haha, maybe! That video has some crazy dance moves, the Seafox is an amazing dancer. We are really proud of that video, out of all the videos so far, that one is my favourite.

What’s the backstory to Seafox, the Galantis mascot?
She’s become the face of Galantis now. In all of our videos you are following her story, she’s a really big part of everything we do. I really like her and I think the fans really like her as well.

Sterosonic crowds and Australian crowds in general are pretty crazy, what the wildest thing you’ve ever seen at a festival or club show?
That’s tough. I don’t really know what the craziest thing I’ve seen would be, but once the Seafox got kidnapped. We had to go on the radio and ask people to help find her and return her to us. We had to do shows without her and everything, it was pretty scary. It was so hard to go on the radio and says she was missing and ask people to help get her back without people thinking it was a joke – it wasn’t!

Oh no! Poor Seafox, how’d you get her back?
Eventually she just got sent back to us. We still don’t know where she came from, or who took her, it’s all a big mystery.

Do you have any secret weapons you plan on whipping out on stage at Stereosonic?
Yes! We’ve been rehearsing like crazy to redefine our set. We have heaps of new instruments, we usually have drums and pads and stuff, but we have added a lot more to the show that we’ll be using for the first time in Australia. So Stereosonic will be the first time we show off this new set. We are so excited to finally play it in front of an audience.


SYDNEY: Saturday November 28, Sydney Showground
PERTH: Sunday November 29, Claremont Showground
MELBOURNE: Saturday December 5, Melbourne Showgrounds
ADELAIDE: Saturday December 5, Bonython Park
BRISBANE: Sunday December 6, Brisbane Showgrounds