“Fuck David Guetta”: Deadmau5 rages over Pacha Ibiza horse stunt

David Guetta’s F**k Me I’m Famous (FMIF) residency at Pacha Ibiza has drawn the ire of Deadmau5 – and legions of internet commenters – after footage emerged from the May opening party showing an onstage performance featuring a live horse and dancers wearing Native American headdresses (as Beatport pointed out).

In the fan-shot footage, which you can watch below, the horse stands motionless in the middle of the loud club while dancers perform around it and Guetta plays his Coldplay remix. It seems that Pacha Ibiza missed the memo about not appropriating indigenous cultural symbols, as the production and branding for FMIF 2015 is based entirely around faux-Native American costuming.

The past year has seen a significant backlash against the trend of wearing Native American warbonnets as costumes: festivals like Glastonbury and Canada’s Bass Coast have banned the sale and wearing of warbonnets for being an “offensive and disrespectful form of cultural appropriation” (as it was put in a petition for Glastonbury to ban them). Musicians like Pharrell and The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne have also publicly apologised for wearing the headdresses in photographs.

However, the main issue troubling Deadmau5 and many of the commenters on the YouTube video is the use of a live animal in a club performance. As one commenter put it, “Horses are known for their love of loud music, flashing lights, crowds, and Coldplay, says no person ever.”

“Fuck @davidguetta and fuck @pacha,” was Deadmau5’s rather-more-succinct input on Twitter, after a fan tweeted the video to him. “I’m sure the horse really appreciated it. stupid fucks… for real… horses belong on a farm, not in a shitty overpriced nightclub to be subjected to a shitty overpaid DJ.” Scroll down for his full blast at Guetta and Pacha, and to watch the video of the performance.