Frontliner: Countdown to IQON

The mind of Frontliner is working overtime in-and outside the studio, laying the foundations for hit after hit. In preparation for his performance at IQON we had a chat to the melodyman himself, who also provided us with a special IQON promo mix.

Last year, Frontliner’s creative streak has taken his output to a whole new level. Every release on his newly-started label Keep It Up Music has topped download charts across the world. Tracks such as Symbols, I’m The Melodyman and Halos are great examples of Frontliner’s open-minded approach to production. It’s also what’s prompted him to share his studio secrets with the rest of the world, using the power of social media. You can regularly tune in via Frontliner’s studio cam to get an idea of how to produce music just like Frontliner does.

So you are regularly letting your fans have a look in your music lab by streaming tutorials from your studio live on YouTube. What made you decide to do this?

It is important to create new talent and producers, to have a healthy scene. Personally, I think hardstyle is one of the most difficult music genres to produce, and at this stage there are not a lot of tutorials available for upcoming hardstyle producers. Basically what I do, is try to help new producers by finding their way in making the music they love the most. I absolutely love to see how people develop their producing skills over time, and I am more than happy to be useful to them. Because let’s not forget: they are our future!

2012 was a big year for you. What were your three absolute highlights?

My absolute highlight was playing at Qlimax for the first time. This is the stage every hardstyle producer and artist dreams of. My second highlight goes to the official Decibel after party, where my fans printed out all of my track names and were holding them up when I started playing. I totally lost my mind when I came on stage and saw all my track names in the crowd. The atmosphere was just phenomenal, even though it was like 40 degrees. I must have the best fans!

My last highlight is a personal one, and goes to producing my track called Symbols, which is the official Q-BASE Open Air Anthem. Who would have thought that Symbols would end up as the track of the year in the Q-dance Top 50 of 2012!

What is your favourite track at the moment?

My favourite track right now is one of the newest projects and is actually still a big secret. I will be playing this track exclusively at IQON. I can tell you that its already finished, and I didn’t put it on my SD card yet. It’s hard to resist the temptation to get it out there, but I want to keep this one especially for IQON and my fans in Australia.

What else can we expect from you in 2013?

Where to start! I have so much more in store for 2013. Unfortunately, a big part of being an artist is to keep a lot of secrets. The only thing I can say is that there will a lot of new productions coming up, and I will keep on showing dedication to my fans. So if you want to catch the exclusive premiere of my latest project, and maybe even more, you simply have to be there on the 20th of April. I hope to see you all at IQON!