Friday listening: James Zabiela & Claude VonStroke

Last Friday, we were happy to share our enthusiasm for the “cocktail” of classics served up by Joris Voorn and also the seriously fun Soulwax disco mix-up. From the looks of things, plenty of you got into them too, so why not continue the pre-weekend offerings?

This time we’ve turned our ears onto a mix uploaded overnight from ever-evolving UK whiz James Zabiela. The first chapter in what will possibly be a new series on the DJ’s Soundcloud, Paradigm Shifts 1 & 2 see Zabiela going on an atmospheric journey through bass music and house, with selections from the likes of Scuba and Burial. It’s all weaved together with the vocal samples and custom edits you’ll find in all of Zabiela’s handiwork. It’s perfect Sunday morning fare. No tracklist, but you can connect the dots in the comments field if you’re so inclined.

Meanwhile, this week also turned up a new mix from the always on-point Claude VonStroke. While the Dirtybird boss recently told inthemix his sets these days have a bit of everything, this one’s an exception to the new rule. It was recorded ahead of his appearance at We Love…Space in Ibiza this weekend and reflects a deeper and more measured head-space.

“This mix speaks for itself,” he explains to We Love. “It is inspired by one of those trips where I found myself lost in the middle of nowhere and ended up staying positive and having a three day (extremely fun) misadventure around the island.

“This mix is a departure from what I normally do. I purposefully have no giant ‘bang you over the head tracks’, it is much more of a long, interesting flow. You can hear the ups and downs of a three-day trip throughout a mysterious island in Spain.”

You can download the mix at the We Love… site, but you have to sign up. Alternatively have a listen in this somewhat oversized Mixcloud player, then scroll down for the tracklisting.

Claude VonStroke tracklist

1. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Stringapella – Ubiquitous Gaze

2. Gadi Mizrahi – Hurt Me – no 19 Music

3. dOP – Half Naked – Supplement Facts

4. Franco Cinelli & Seuil – Ph Lights – Harry Klein Records

5. Ludovic Vendi – Mental Bright (Zhao Remix) – Anozer

6. Roman Flugel – Softice – Dial

7. Sarp Yilmaz – Downtown (Sascha Braemer Remix) – MKR018

8. Ron Flatter – Lelefant – Meleon Music

9. Dachshund – Shall We – Highgrade

10. Larry Peters – El Albono – Souvenir

11. Nick Monaco – Nick’s Episode (CVS Edit) – Anabatic

12. Kyodai – Mi Rumba – Genius of time

13. A1 Bassline – Bouyancy – dirtybird

14. Digable Planets – It’s Good to Be Here