Friction feat PNAU @ Lot 33, Canberra 20/05/05

PNAU had been noticeably absent from a lot of major festivals in the past 12 months and having not heard anything from them since the release of Again there was much anticipation to see what the boys had been up to. With Canberra’s annual festival of coldness setting in everybody was simply happy to be inside last Friday night. Lot 33 was the warm and cosy choice for many and early on in the night there was much sitting and furtive drinking around the bar/makeshift dance floor. Mikah banged out some of the latest and greatest. Smooth and ambient, Mikah kept people eyeing off the main dance floor in anticipation of some freshness.

When PNAU hits the decks it was like a moth to a flame with the dance floor quickly filling to capacity as a very authoritative and hands in the air big beat break coursed through the joint. The boys kept the tempo up with a solid succession of more obscure beats that left very few butts on seats. The breaks were solid and kept the feet moving but the lack of smooth mixes was highlighted by the frustrating pauses between tracks. The boy’s laptop seemed more like a jukebox and so their set progressed with few surprises.The turning point came when Sambanova was finally let loose. The trademark smooth grooves and techy subtlety was greatly appreciated by all and from that point on they churned out a solid set. Canberrans love a chunky break and the boys from PNAU knew this all too well.

Jeff Drake kept everyone swaying after the PNAU boys packed away their toys. The mood became decidedly more chilled with lounging being the late night dance of choice.Another night at the Lot 33, some heavyweight breaks and another heavy head to start the week with.

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