Flume: “This year’s all about making What So Not awesome”

Harley ‘Flume’ Streten is midway through a massive US tour, including three dates in New York next week before heading for the European festival circuit in mid-August, but he took some time to chat with Elektro Daily about the new direction of his sound as Flume (“I love live strings… I’m going to get orchestras to record…now that I’ve got a bit of money”) and his plans for his Emoh Instead collab’ What So Not.

“I just did a new What So Not track the other day,” Streten told Elektro Daily. “We’re going to do an EP, so I started that one, all bits and pieces… It’s really tricky doing two projects. It eats away at time doing both but at the same time it’s nice because last year Flume was really dominating…

“This year I really wanted to make What So Not a thing, make it something where you can just come and play shows in America and solidify that project as a legitimate, awesome thing. Basically this year’s all about making What So Not awesome, and then, you know, maybe next year will be about Flume again, and kind of alternate between the two. If we can make them both work, then fuck it.”

Streten also went into detail on how the barnstorming What So Not collaboration with RL Grime happened. “Chris [Emoh] and Henry [RL Grime] basically got in the studio and Chris had an idea that he started, and Henry got onto that… Then I got this project and the drop was there, pretty much, but it didn’t have much melody or anything.

“I was in Bali when I got it, and I was like ‘fuck, this is really cool,’ so I just wrote a bunch of melodies and did a bit of seaming and sent that back so it had the melodic section and the heavy drop section, which is what we like to do with What So Not. We like being heavy but we like to include a bit of melody as well. So they wrote the drop and I wrote the other stuff.” Read the full interview here.