Flume teases unreleased track ‘Heater’ to soundtrack a new Keep Sydney Open video

Late last week it was announced that the Keep Sydney Open movement is mounting its biggest campaign yet in the wake of the Callinan Report into lockout laws, bringing in some big-name Sydney talent to put their names and voices to the campaign. Now it’s been revealed that Flume is also putting his tunes behind the campaign, with an unreleased track soundtracking a new video message.

The video showcases the ‘memorial plaques’ that went up around Sydney last week, highlighting the venues that have fallen to the lockout laws. The plaques document the now high-profile artists who cut their teeth in each respective venue.

In the just-released video, artists Art Vs Science and Gang Of Youths give testimonials about how important these venues are to the music community. The clip is released as a call to arms for the next Keep Sydney Open rally, taking place October 9. FasterLouder recently broke down the five most enraging bits of the Callinan Report, check it out here.

Only teased before in live performances, Flume’s ‘Heater’ soundtracks the video in CDQ.

Watch the video below.

Keep Sydney Open’s Music Plaques from Broken Yellow on Vimeo.

[via FasterLouder]