Flight Facilities: Take off

Local duo Flight Facilities have been causing waves and waves of buzz this year thanks to their lounge-resurrecting smash single Crave You ft. Giselle. Currently in the middle of their ‘maiden voyage’ as DJs, ITM caught up with the group’s Hugo Gruzman to get the low-down on the success of Crave You, hanging out with their heroes, writing tracks for Louis Austen and what we can expect next from Flight Facilities.

Hey Hugo, what’re you doing today?

“I’m actually trying to catch up on some sleep after the weekend, it was a pretty rough one!”

You have some big shows?

“Yeah we were up in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, I didn’t know what to expect but the people there just went crazy and we ended up having some really big nights.”

This is all part of your first big tour on the back of Crave You, and the reaction to that single has been pretty enormous with everyone really getting into it. Is that how you guys have found it too?

“We still can’t believe how it’s gone. It’s been crazy for us. To think that a year ago we were just making our first tune and now we’ve come to this stage, it’s pretty nuts.”

Does it feel like things have happened really quickly?

“So quickly, it all goes so fast that you almost don’t know how to deal with it all. But we’re just so thankful that people are into the music that we’re making.”

Obviously a lot of the positive reactions have been for Crave You which has just blown up lately. I hear it in clubs, I hear it on the radio, I see it on blogs, it’s everywhere. How’d you guys start that song and how’d you find Giselle to sing the vocal?

“Yeah it’s been amazing, it’s been huge for us. Crave You actually started last year when Gus and Jaime at Bang Gang asked us to make an original track for their compilation. So me and Jimmy went into the studio and just started throwing around ideas for anything because up until then we’d only released remixes. We ended up with this good little loop and then made a demo track from that. With Giselle, I was actually lucky enough to meet her at a bar and she mentioned that she played the xylophone. I was really keen to get some xylophone on a track so I kept in contact with her. Then I checked out her MySpace and heard her sing and I just knew that she had to do the song. We sent the track over to her and she smashed it. We were so lucky to be able to work with her, she’s just great.”

Yeah she’s been getting a lot of positive buzz from the track too, which is a cool thing. I heard she’s doing something for some other local dance producers now too.

“She’s great and she deserves every bit of success that comes to her.”

One thing that I personally really loved about the single is that it came in a great package. There was the lounge-y, chilled back original and then there was a clubby version too. How do you guys balance those two styles with what you do?

“I think we like to do a bit of everything. I mean, that’s way more fun than just doing the one thing over and over again. Especially now, you get pigeon-holed so quickly, so we want to keep trying new things and keep people guessing a little bit. We don’t want to ever be predictable.”

So you’ve already got plans for a follow-up single?

“Yeah we’ve been working on something new with Louis Austen who did the vocals on our Bag Raiders remix. He’s a legend, we love him and it’s a pretty cool feeling to be writing for this guy and doing something with his voice specifically in mind.”

Have there been any surreal moments to come on the back of the single? I imagine that Aeroplane dropping the tune in the 500th Essential Mix would’ve been pretty mind blowing.

“Totally, that was incredible for us. But I think the first and biggest surreal moment for us was when we got a text from Jaime Doom one night telling us that Aeroplane had just dropped our Dream In The Desert remix to 10,000 people at the Sonar festival.”

More and more you and Aeroplane seem to be becoming very close. They just sent out their Crave You/Paris mash-up to fans last week and are always playing your tunes so what’s your relationship like with those guys, or guy as it is now.

“Well, we just love them. They’re our heroes and it’s crazy that they’ve been so supportive of our music. When they were out here last year we hung out a lot and partied together and that made it more than just strangers over the internet.”

This tour you’re on is also taking you across to Japan for a couple of dates, has Japan clicked to Crave You too?

“I don’t know if they have! I didn’t even know people here had but then we played the Brisbane show and all these people were singing the words at the tops of their lungs. So we’ll find out soon enough.”

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