Five festivals that could replace Future

Today we were shocked to learn that this year’s Future Music Festival was the last: the festival’s new owners Mushroom have decided to discontinue it because of poor ticket sales this year, saying that touring the festival nationally “doesn’t make financial sense anymore.”

With Future’s ten-year reign at an end and Big Day Out on indefinite hiatus, things aren’t looking awesome for the Australian festival scene: but that means there’s a great big gap in the market for an overseas festival to move in. There’s a handful of overseas mega-festivals that have done very well for themselves of late – and there’s been plenty of rumours flying around about which of them will be making Australia the next stop on their global tour. Here are five festivals which we reckon have got a chance at taking Future’s place in the festival roster.

Ultra Music Festival

ODDS: 4/1

Two years ago the UMF TV Twitter feed set the heart of many local dance fans aflutter when it apparently confirmed that Ultra would make its Australian debut “in 2014”. Two years later and Ultra still hasn’t made its move – but we know that a one-day Ultra is coming to Bali this year, and with the amount of interest in the annual three-day Miami festival, it seems crazy that Ultra hasn’t moved on Australian shores already.

Festivals in Croatia, Japan, Korea, Bali, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Buenos Aires and Ibiza have already joined the Miami mothership – we’d be pretty happy to see an antipodean dot appear on that Ultra Worldwide map.

Electric Daisy Carnival

ODDS: 5/1

Last month we broke the story that US festival giant Insomniac is locked in a messy legal battle in Australia and the USA over the ownership of its flagship brand Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). The trademark dispute in Australia is still going back and forth – does that mean that we’ll see Australia added to Las Vegas, New York and the UK when the legal battle finally ends? We can only hope.


ODDS: 10/1

ID&T’s annual Belgian mega-festival Tomorrowland became so spectacularly successful, they were able to expand to the US with TomorrowWorld in 2013 – and as the US offshoot enters its third year of steady growth, could ID&T be eyeing off an expansion to Australia next? Now that they have the buying power of events giant SFX behind them, we wouldn’t rule it out entirely. (Plus they’ve already expanded to Brazil.)


ODDS: 5/1

Australian festival icon Big Day Out was bought by US festival company C3 Presents (now part of Live Nation) in 2014, before being unceremoniously retired. C3 Presents also owns Lollapalooza, among other festival brands, and the cross-genre festival giant will make its European debut this year, with a one-day festival in Berlin this September. Could there be an Australian Lollapalooza on the cards for 2016? It’d be a pretty decent bet.

Holy Ship

ODDS: 100/1

We can but dream…