Fischerspooner [Audio]: Don’t believe the hype – Part 1


Pinned as poster-boys of the ill-fated early noughties electroclash movement, you’d be forgiven for thinking Fischerspooner would have Emerge-d (oooh, what a delicious pun) from it all with a rather large chip on their haute coutured shoulders. Refreshingly, it’s not the case…

Enveloped in the media hype machine circa-2001, Casey Fischer (pictured) and Warren Spooner were literally chased down by major label A&R types as they traipsed across Europe. They finally caved in to their demands – oh the humanity! – and signed a million-dollar deal with Capitol Records that saw them hailed as dance music’s ‘next big thing’.

The bubble, not surprisingly, burst, but not after they’d released two acclaimed – but by no means commercially successful – albums, their debut #1 was followed-up with Odyssey in 2005. Earlier last year they were released from their contract by Capitol, and they’ve since relished the freedom to return to their independent roots, pursuing various artistic projects and releasing two singles with uber-cool French label Kitsune.

Fischerspooner have also continued work on their highly anticipated third album, and as ITM’s Tim Hardaker learned when speaking with Casey recently, it’s likely to set the light of day early in 2009. They’re heading to Australia in November as part of Global Gathering for their first ever tour down under, and we’re excited.

Keep your eyes glued to ITM’s festival page for all the latest news, interviews, DJ mixes, videos and more – inthemix.com.au/globalgathering. Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview in a few weeks time:

Sat Nov 22nd – Melbourne

Sun Nov 23rd – Perth

Sat Nov 29th – Brisbane

Sun Nov 30th – Sydney