Finally, The Prodigy’s back with a “violent-sounding” album in 2014

For fans of incendiary UK collective The Prodigy, a new album has been a long time coming. The rave trailblazers last delivered a full-length in 2009 with Invaders Must Die, and a follow-up has been elusive. Until now.

Speaking with NME, the group’s main man Liam Howlett revealed their next LP will be out later in 2014. “It’s more violent-sounding; it feels wilder,” Howlett told NME. “It’s not so much old-school. It’s neither guitar-based not synth-based; it’s kind of a mixture.” He added: “It doesn’t feel so radio-friendly to me; it feels like it’s got a lot of edge.” While the new album was initially set to be titled How To Steal A Jet Fighter, it’s now got a new, yet-to-be-revealed name.

2014 also marks the 20th anniversary of The Prodigy’s seminal album Music For The Jilted Generation, which set the group on its path towards legend status. “To be honest, I’d reached the point where I wasn’t feeling rave anymore,” Howlett recently told Clash Music of where the album sprung from. “We thought about whether or not to break the band up.

“I remember hearing Rage Against The Machine while in America, and feeling that, suddenly, music was opening up that little bit wider for me. It came down to me to push the music, once we’d got home. As soon as we did get back, I think the first thing I wrote was ‘Voodoo People’, or ‘Their Law’.”

The band is also back on the road this Northern summer, focusing on Europe and the UK, including shows in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. Relive their incendiary performance of Breathe from their live DVD below.