Fill out this super easy survey and you might win $1000

The situation is simple: you read this website. You’d probably like to win $1,000. You’re on the computer/a computer-like device right now anyway. Want to click through to this link, put aside a measly 20 minutes, and tell us some things? Of course you do, champ.

Every year our Junkee Media, the company behind your favourite sites including, Junkee, Punkee, inthemix, AWOL and The Cusp — run a short survey for young Australians known as the (un)Official Census. Basically, we want to know a little bit more about you; your life, your interests, your ambitions, your fears, and how you like to spend your down-time. Why? So we know we’re covering the things you want to read about.

There’s plenty in it for you too: a better Junkee, an anonymous soapbox from which to talk about yourself and the chance to win $1,000 to spend responsibly on getting your personal finances in order or by ordering a heap of takeaway food for dinner.

Take The Survey Here

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