Fatboy Slim: I once saw Swedish House Mafia and Sven Väth fight in Sydney

In 2012, Future Music Festival delivered a line-up that was eclectic even by their standards. Swedish House Mafia headlined at the height of their powers and an on-the-rise Skrillex wowed the mainstage mid-afternoon, while in the smaller arenas everyone from Aphex Twin to Die Antwoord stepped up for sets.

And do you think that all those cult heroes got along? Hell no. In a new interview with Red Bull, Fatboy Slim – who was also part of the bill – has recalled the time he saw Swedish House Mafia row with techno don Sven Väth.

“The highlight last time [I was in Australia] was witnessing this fight between Swedish House Mafia and Sven Väth outside a restaurant in Sydney. That’s my overriding memory,” the hitmaker born Norman Cook reminisced. “It was quite a comedy. It wasn’t a serious fight, no one got hurt.”

And as for who ‘won’? “It was really about EDM versus house purism. EDM outgunned the house purism but on the moral higher ground it was probably Sven.”

“I think it was around that time that people were realising just how EDM was taking over the dance industry,” Cook added. “And still is. Because it’s so commercial, it just distorts what everybody else does…My personal view is that it helps all of us. The trickle down effect to the most underground purist DJ is being felt because globally there’s just so many more people into the music.” Head to Red Bull to read the rest of the interview.

For the full Fatboy Slim experience, make a beeline for this weekend’s Electric Gardens festival. He’s sharing the line-up with the likes of John Digweed and James Zabiela, who’ll hopefully make for a much more harmonious tour party than the Future class of 2012.

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