Fake Diplo hosted a fan Q&A and it went about as well as you think

We have a few weeks to go until What Would Diplo Do lands on SBS Viceland, but the lead star isn’t letting us forget about his famous character in the meantime. James Van Der Beek started up a Twitter account a few days ago as his “Diplo” caricature, and he has been busy tweeting ever since.

Already, he’s declared himself better than Mozart and Van Gogh, tweeted some handdrawn nudes from LA producer Valentino Khan, thrown shade at SoundCloud, made himself into a meme, and taught everyone the true meaning of dubstep. It’s not all fun and games though — he’s also been giving fans some hard hitting advice about the world of DJing:

Yesterday, Fake Diplo hosted a short and candid Q&A on Twitter in order to impart some of the boundless knowledge he’s picked up over the years. But if fans were expecting to receive any ~useful~ information, they would have been disappointed. See how it all went down below. 

What Would Diplo Do premieres August 8 on SBS Viceland.