Factory: A Forklift, a pharmacy and a bass clef

Two of Melbourne’s most respected Techno crews, The Melbourne Techno Massive and Forklift, have moved over to a little venue called CAGE, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD to make dark, dirty and evil little musical babies with the towns ruffest and finest, KillRockStar Entertainment. The event is called FACTORY, and opens it’s doors to Melbourne town on Halloween Night, October 31st with Raw & Hydraulix records mad-man Syber Simon. Adem Ali speaks to them about the concept behind Factory…

What’s the main concept of the new club night?
FORKLIFT: For us it’s just a place where we will never be told you’re playing too hard… We love techno, and this night gives us the chance to play whatever we want.
KillRockStar: Too hard?!? LOL! I guess for us its no longer about too hard or too dark – we’ve already proved we’re the darkest and hardest geezers in town! For Pharmacy, Factory is such a great opportunity to push the envelope a little and try some things we can’t really get away with at our bigger events. Unexpect!
MTM: I guess as a collective, we are all filling a void within the local techno market. Whether the sounds are hard or funky, we’d like to think people can rely on Factory for the harder sounds with a little difference in the mix. MTM has moved from its weekly Friday and is excited about playing a lot tougher and more banging. It’s all about the bang!!

Why do you feel this night will be uniquely different to other Friday night club nights around Melbourne?
FORKLIFT: There’s no chillout room.
KillRockStar: Also we’re here to experiment and f**k with different sounds- expect the most upfront music policy in Melbourne!
MTM: Combining 3 already influential crews in Melbourne under the one roof, it’s safe to say we will be different because we have each individually proven we are different to start with.

With the Electro sound becoming such a widespread thing, do you see a big spotlight on the musical genre @ Factory?
FORKLIFT: If you call Venetian Snares electro, then yes for sure. I think there maybe some thrown in; it’s a music night, so you might even get some house… It’s up to the people that play really. We are not restricting the Djs at all, so if they want to play a violin we can’t stop ‘em.
KillRockStar: The plan for the first couple of hours is to start out with some chunky breaks and electro, plus a few drink specials here and there. It’s like chicken soup for the soul before we break into the nasty shit and cause some real trouble…

What other genres of music can we expect to blast from the halls of FACTORY?
FORKLIFT: MTM Bangin’ technobooty and our Forklift home brewed Drill and Bass. Think Aphex twin meets Hi-5, but with about a million drums.
KillRockStar: The KillRockStar room will be a freeform mashup of all things tough & industrial with an all pervading element of funk for good measure! Expect to hear acid techno, tech trance, hardstyle and of course some hard trance too. We really are the ruffest!
MTM: Let’s not forget the dirty sounds of electro as well!

What about progressive?
FORKLIFT: Fuck progressive, we ain’t vegetarian.

Which DJ’s will be residing at FACTORY?
FORKLIFT: Forklift are bringing Dave Pham, Dallas Raft, Dave Rankine, Cecille and Ben Cromack to the table on a rotating basis, but regardless of what they play at other events, rest assure they will hard as f*** on Fridays.
KillRockStar: KillRockStar will feature the pretty hate machine Hellraiser weekly plus the following on rotation Klasic and Sanders, Scott Alien, Crispy, Rapid, Eris, Brother Pierce, Mr Ed, Ant DK, Sharpboy, Tim Willox, Elysium and Thrawn and weekly guests!
MTM: MTM have weekly residents PDT, Robert Anthony & Degenerator with Serotone & Linas [live], DJ Neo, Mick dB, Version, Miss Chris, Nigel Jacotine & DJ Pete on rotation and weekly guests.

Where did the concept for FACTORY come from? How long has it been in the pipelines?
KillRockStar: The idea fairy left it under my pillow one night!
MTM: PDT (MTM) approached Brad (from KillRockStar) after we decided to close Night Shift. We wanted to open something that would attract the lovers of the harder sounds. After (we spoke) about the possibility of combining forces, we then worked out a concept and before you knew it, we were dancing the happy dance! There was a gap in our plans and we knew there would be another crew in Melbourne who could fill it, enter Forklift. I guess it was in the planning stages for some time and it just took a little push to get it all in motion.

Do you think opening a club night at the pre-loved CAGE nightclub will entice some of the “old-schoolers” to return to their old haunt?
FORKLIFT: They’re more than welcome.
KillRockStar: Don’t think for one second though that this is just another Cage night either. This is FACTORY and we’ll be doing things our own way and introducing some new ideas (but everyone says that huh?)

How many arena’s/rooms will we expect from this new night?
KillRockStar:… and a pretty cool elevator to boot!
MTM: …and that wicked stairwell…

Look forward to 6 months time, FACTORY is an established Friday Night club night with a regular crowd and excellent numbers. What does the future hold for this night? Internationals? CD’s? Mass Marketing? How would you like to see FACTORY operating in 6 months from opening night?
FORKLIFT: Internationals for sure, no mass marketing no gloss, we got a weird looking flyer though. 6 months?? Maybe a plane will crash into the building and it’ll be over. Unlikely on both. teAM ForkLift “where the metal meets the meat”
KillRockStar: The rabbit hole never looked so far down that’s for sure! Factory is about to grab Melbourne by the balls – we don’t intend on letting go…
KillRockStar Entertainment: “The Sound Of Tomorrow”
MTM: The words “industrial” and “techno” never sounded better together…what does that mean? Well, just wait and see…

Factory launches @ the Cage on Friday 31st October. Check ITM whatson for more details.

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