F*** Me I’m Famous! – Cathy & David Guetta

Without a doubt, David Guetta knows how to ride a good thing and keep it going. Back for the eighth installment in the series, the divisive producer and DJ was poised to once again encapsulate the atmosphere of his legendary F** Me I’m Famous! party in Ibiza in CD form. Together with wife Cathy, the Guettas have pulled together a selection of 15 tracks showcasing the biggest electro top 40 contenders of the year, along with several unlocked gems to appease old school Guetta fans. From the outset, F** Me I’m Famous! was sure to bring back an adrenaline of fuelled, four-on-the-floor energy and a fist-pumping flashback to Guetta’s successful summer season, or at least a taste of it.

The first track on this mix is a testament to his incorporation of beats and breaks with urban music, kicking things off with Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj. Although I’ve never been a fan of the track, I do respect that he had to open with one of his own. Following that is club anthems from Afrojack and Shermanology You Can’t Stop Me and Wild One Two, the huge hit saw Guetta working alongside Nicky Romero and Australian songstress Sia. Later, we’re given the David Guetta and Nicky Romero tune Metropolis, which whips by at a ridiculous pace featuring crazy, digitally infused electro dance beats which features for the first time on a compilation record.

Taking a break from his mainstream collaborative style, the compilation shifts gear when he drops Otto Knows’s Million Voices, seamlessly sequencing perfectly into Avicii’s Silhouettes and then Deadmau5’s The Veldt. These three tracks are a definite masterpiece and essential to this compilation, and if you’re not in an electric euphoria by the end of the Deadmau5 track, then there is most definitely a clinical issue at hand.

Surprisingly Calvin HarrisFeel So Close was found in this compilation, unexpected given its release date was more than a year ago. However all is not lost when the albums sublime mix of house and electronica gradually builds, showcasing slightly more progressive explorations like Tommy Trash’s Cascade thrashed into Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia, followed by Hard Rock Sofa’s Quasar – sacrebleu!

As F*** Me I’m Famous! comes to a close, you are left with the new vibe of the Daddy’s Groove remix of Guetta’s I Can Only Imagine featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. The track starts off as a sweet, propulsive pop song, followed by what has become the template for the modern commercial dance sound.

It’s fair to say that, like him or loathe him, Guetta’s sound has formed the foundation of a global army of imitators and he has done this by spreading his French touch around the world. The F*** I’m a Famous set is very much an album in this mold, but the Guetta’s have found a magic formula, so why fix what isn’t broke?