Eric Prydz tells ITM: “I will come to Australia – I have to”

“A lot of people were very disappointed last time around when I had to cancel the tour I’d planned for Australia, but I think no one was more upset than I, actually. It took me a long time to get over that.”

The spotlight is on Eric Prydz in a massive way this week with the release of his stunning 3-CD anthology Eric Prydz presents Prydaread our Album Of The Week review – as well as his upcoming headline slot on North America’s Identity Festival, which represents his big pitch to the critical mass US market. Talking to ITM this week though, he pointed to his infamous 11th hour cancellation of his Australian tour in the final days of 2008 as something that still haunts him.

“The problem with me is that I have an absolute phobia of flying,” he told us. “I’m flying to the States for my upcoming tour, but I feel horrible one month before that, and every day. When I finally arrive I’m going to be a wreck. And I’ll need to go to doctors, get medication…and that’s a six hour flight.”

As anyone who has might have made the big trip to sample the clubbing delights of the European summer will be able to testify, it’s a trip that means you’re in it for the long haul. “The flight to Australia is pretty much as far as you can go from where I am based, and at the moment that is too much for me. It doesn’t work. I cannot get my head around it.”

However, Prydz is defiant in assuring he’ll eventually make good on his promise to visit. “I will come to Australia. I have to come to Australia, I can’t wait to come to Australia, because I know the scene you guys have there, and also the following I have there. I can see it on my website, on Facebook and on Twitter….I know I’d have the time of my life if I came out for it.

“I will say this though, if I do come to Australia for another tour, then I think I will first travel to Australia, and then I will plan the tour… If I announce an Australian tour, you can be sure that I’m already there.”