Eric Prydz speaks out on fear of flying

The Australian dance community will be enjoying an amazing range musical talent at our parties and festivals in the opening hours of 2009, but there’s one act who’s inspired more excitement than anyone else – none other than Sweden’s Eric Prydz. It’s no secret why; his fans have simply been forced to endure such a long wait for the elite DJ/producer to make it to our shores, due to his widely reported fear of flying. When ITM chatted with Eric about the NY tour, he opened up and talked frankly about exactly why he’s been kept away from Australia for so long.

“It’s been a massive problem for me,” he told ITM. “But I didn’t want to wake up, lying on my bed as an 80-year old man, and be looking back on my life and know that I had the opportunity to travel the world and see all of these amazing places; but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to face my fears. So I decided that I needed to deal with this.”

Eric claims it took him a while to reach the point where he felt comfortable committing to such a high-profile tour at the other side of the world. “I really hate flying, and up until maybe two years ago I wasn’t flying at all. So it’s been kind of a work in progress for me, and obviously Australia is so far away. It means being on a plane for 24 hours, and that would have been impossible for me before.”

While it’s kept him away from Australia for an excruciatingly long time, he confirms that it’s full-speed ahead for his massive NY Australian tour which will see him play at the Summadayze events in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth as well as Shore Thing and Field Day in Sydney. “They have these new planes now, the Airbus A380 and it’s the biggest plane in the world. It’s two floors, you can actually get your own suite so you won’t even notice that you’re flying. I hope,” he laughs.

Stay tuned to ITM this week for our full-length audio interview with Eric Prydz! And check out our Festival Guide for more info on all the shows he’ll be playing around the country.