Enter the Bloody Beetroots remix competition now

Planning to catch the Bloody Beetroots while they’re in town for Big Day Out later this month? If so, you’re probably hanging out to hear what’s – through all the years – proven the project’s most enduring hit, Cornelius. But while Australian audiences are likely to hear the original version of the track, from February onwards Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo is planning to mix it up a bit. Budding producers, take note: the Beetroots have announced a Cornelius remix competition and they’re promising to include the winning remix in their live set.

“It was 2008 when Cornelius was first released, many memories permeates through that period of chaos and madness. This is my gift to you: the parts of one of the most popular tracks I’ve ever produced: CORNELIUS,” Rifo wrote on the Bloody Beetroots blog. “The best remix will be played in the new Bloody Beetroots LIVE show.” The Italian is bringing his vision for a new “versatile, compact, furious and dance-inducing” live show Down Under with the BDO tour (and Sydney sideshow), but as the competition doesn’t close until January 31, the Australian tour falls a few days early to hear the winning remix live in the Boiler Room.

The Cornelius remix comp isn’t the first time Sir Bob’s asked to hear fan interpretations of a Beetroots track. In October, Rifo asked fans to submit their own interpretation of the new track Chronicles of a Fallen Love from the sheet music, without having ever actually heard the official Beetroots version. Enter the current Cornelius remix comp over here.