Enschway is the new bass hero Australia deserves

In our new series Spotlight, triple j Unearthed’s DAVE RUBY HOWE is profiling the local electronic artists you need to know. Today, it’s Sydney producer Enschway.

I saw a photo on Facebook earlier this year that I need to share.

It’s taken during a Slumberjack gig in Auckland back in May. At first glance there’s nothing that out of the ordinary about the photo; it’s a nice shot capturing the Perth duo in their element and a receptive kiwi crowd eating it all up. And if you look a little bit closer? Well, zooming in on the closest, sweatiest members of that Slumberjack audience you’ll see this one guy’s face joyfully contorted, too consumed with partying in the pit to worry about looking ridiculous on camera.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.49.17 pm

That face belongs to Nic Schweighoffer and he was actually part of that night’s line-up. On SoundCloud he’s Enschway, a 19-year-old producer from Sydney, and refreshingly he’d rather get rowdy amongst the teeming masses than lurk side of stage.

When we asked about that trip to Auckland, Schweighoffer says that experience playing with the Slumberjack boys in another country was one of the most “fun weekends of [his] life” and that the production and atmosphere from the crowd as “insane”. The insane moments seem to be stacking up for the teenager – he’s been collaborating in studio with his tour-mates Slumberjack, he’s on the Splendour in the Grass line-up, his music has appeared on OWSLA Radio on Beats 1 and earlier this year RL Grime got in touch over Twitter praising the young producer.

“It was a massive deal,” Schweighoffer grins, seemingly still as excited about it now as he was then. “I’ve looked up to him from day one, so it felt really special when an idol of mine reached out to me.” RL Grime got in touch after hearing Schweighoffer’s debut EP Friendschway, which saw him collaborate with a bunch of different artists, including Australians LOLO BX, Luude and Portugese identity Holly.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.23.52 pm

“I love the idea of collaboration because you get to combine two brains,” Schweighoffer told inthemix. “You can pick out each other’s faults and boost each others strengths.”

“I love the idea of collaboration because you get to combine two brains”

He says most of the collabs on the EP were done over the internet, rather than IRL.

“Studio collabs are much quicker and easier to bounce ideas around and get them right; really speeding up the process,” he explains. “But they can be stressful because you only have a certain amount of time to come up with something. Sometimes trying to push out a piece of creative work can be hard within a small period of time, but I feel the end result is always more special and you feel more connected to the song together.

“In saying that I still love sending projects and stems back and forth – it’s more relaxing and you can work on it at your own pace and wait for the ideas to come.”

As well as some singles and remixes, Schweighoffer says 2016 might see another EP full of the outrageous breakdowns that have become the Enschway trademark. “I just love seeing the look on peoples faces,” he says, describing the moment the drop hits. “I feel like there is a limit of something being too ‘dangerous’ but, hey, limits are made to be pushed and broken.”

Dave Ruby Howe is the Music Director at triple j Unearthed. You can find him on Twitter.