Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Deadmau5 & Michael Woods mixes)

There are tunes that stand the test of time, and Cafe Del Mar by Energy 52 is undoubtedly one of those. In the last fifteen years since its release in 1993 there have been plenty of remixes of this track, now it’s Michael Woods and Deadmau5’s turn and they do a pretty good job at it.

The Michael Woods mix starts off pretty slow, but builds very nicely until it reaches that familiar bassline and from there, all hell is certain to break loose on the dancefloor. It strikes a great balance and peaks perfectly. The Deadmau5 mix on the other hand is typical Deadmau5. A very smooth mix, definitely not as hectic as the Woods mix and almost chilled out in comparison, but it does the job nicely.

There’s also a another mix from Dabruck & Klein that’s also a handy piece of work, with more of a trancier feel and even a bit more harder than the Woods mix, while still being pretty solid. All in all it’s a very good remix package of a classic dance track.