Empire of the Sun album: “We’re on the finishing stretch”

When inthemix got Peter Mayes – one half of local success story Pnau – on the phone this morning to chat about the pair’s recent hook-up with Elton John, we found the producer in the midst of working another project. “I’m in a studio in Santa Monica and we are very much in the thick of doing the new Empire of the Sun record at the moment,” he began. “It’s going amazingly well, it’s really exciting actually.”

As the keen EOTS fan would know all too well, the project’s second album has been a long time coming. Pnau dude Nick Littlemore and Sleepy Jackson vocalist Luke Steele (with Mayes on production) dropped Walking on a Dream back in 2008, the debut album going twice platinum at home as well as cracking the UK and European markets. Though despite the massive success of the debut, for a while there we weren’t sure we’d be seeing a second album at all – thankfully, that’s not the case.

“I’d say we’re well over half way, we’re on finishing stretch,” Mayes explained. “We have so many songs and they’re all at different stages, some we’ve only just started, some have been around for eight months. It’s a huge project; my head is well and truly right in there at the moment. But it’s going really well. I’d say we’re getting really close to the finishing line.”

And as for what we can expect from the long-awaited follow up? “We’re not doing Walking on a Dream Volume Two, there’s no point in that,” Mayes assured. “There’s a lot of depth to it, there’s so many different flavours.” Given all the gusto of Empire of the Sun’s back catalogue, we don’t doubt there’ll be plenty of flavour on album number two.