Emoji war: Did Katy Perry rip off Dillon Francis?

Dance music’s no stranger to a plagiarism scandal. In recent memory, Calvin Harris’ hit out Jakwob over some lifted chords, Avicii’s taken Leona Lewis to court for ripping off “Fade Into Darkness” and’s nicked Mat Zo and Arty’s work. Here’s another for the pile: Mad Decent class clown Dillon Francis has called out Katy Perry for stealing his idea. Only it’s not the song itself that’s the sticking point here, but rather the accompanying video: Dillon thinks Katy Perry’s clip “Roar” is a little bit too much like his video for “Messages.”

Sure enough, the two emoji-heavy clips are quite similar, and Francis (naturally) took to Twitter to address the matter:

But there’s no bad blood here. When one follower told Francis to take the similarity “as a compliment” he was quick to clarify that he did. “That’s what I’m saying,” he tweeted back. “I’m down.” For her part, too, Perry seemed amused by the situation, retweeting Francis and even responding.

Naturally, the funniest part of the whole storm-in-a-teacup is the Katy Perry diehards who’ve flocked to the starlet’s defense by flooding Dillon’s YouTube page with abuse. From “ROAR IS THE # 1 SONG IN OVER 50 COUNTRIES IN A FEW DAYS, THIS HORSE SHIT BY DILLON WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF SMH” to “ROAR IS MUCH BETTER THAT THIS HORSE SHIT, HES JUST JEALOUS, ‘CAUSE KATTY PERRY IS MAINSTREAM AND HES A NOBODY, SO HES TRYING TO MAKE A NAME FOR HIMSELF, OF OFF A TRUE ARTIST”, there’s plenty of all-caps light reading to keep you amused in the comments section of the Messages” upload.

Compare the two videos for yourself below.