Edwin: Brisbane’s back beat

15+ years in any business is worth a pat on the back, but to say that you have played that long in the Brisbane music scene is an achievement that few can lay claim to. That is unless your DJ name is Edwin. ITM caught up with Brisbane’s own legend of the Ol’ skool in the lead up to his set at next week’s Candee Flip.

Well it has been a long time since ITM last spoke with you – so what has Edwin been up to recently?

Well, recently I’ve been producing for Canadian label Ruff Cutz and doing some remixing for the Jelly Babes. And to add to that, I have been writing for the supremely talented and gorgeous Chelsea Knights. I’ve also been DJing four nights a week at Rockafellas in the Valley and I’m a couple of navs away from gaining my P.P.L (private pilot’s license)

Rumour has it , that you were a member of the infamous ‘90s techno group ‘Sexing The Cherry’… Tell us a little bit about that.

Sexing the Cherry! The malevolent excess, the money we made, the corrupt sensuality, the Pony girls – Ahhhh! Edwin’s Bitches and the Rocket Girls! Sexing the Cherry was always a fun and successful side project. We toured O/S and Oz and it gave us insight to the music industry and how it is run… By impostors, wallies, frauds and Non Musicians!

Like many, when I think back to the ol’ days back at The Beat, two distinctive names come to mind – Edwin and Jen-E – tell the readers about your time at The Beat

My time at the Beat was phenomenal! 13 years of playing 5 nights a week on the 2-5am shift – I saw it all! The reason I stayed there for so long was only and solely for the people. Let’s face it, the beat has changed, it’s just a room with flashing lights and a sound system these days (in which I took a perverted joy in blowing up frequently). I taught Jen-E to DJ and always knew she would be a megastar. She still remains a personal fave… I love that girl!

Back in the ‘90’s you were also known for creating what was the first all-girl line up at an event in Brisbane called Adrenaline – what was it that inspired you to do this? (Especially since you are a male!)

Sexy party, sexy girls! For some reason DJing had become a male dominated arena and I believe this is more to do with ignorance and not talent. At the time there were sooo many good female DJs so I thought I would showcase them and let the people decide. Chicks dance, chicks know music and chicks can mix!

How does it make you feel when your name is often the first to come up on people’s minds when the think about local DJs that have made their dint on Brisbane?

I love it! – Honoured and privileged.

For someone who has been in the business so long, you have no doubt seen a lot of DJs come and go – what is it that has kept you going for so long?

Being a DJ is a master and slave relationship – you choose!

So what should the punters going to Candee Flip expect to hear from you on the night?

90’s anthems, classics, floor fillers, hoovers and everything you went off to – safe!