EdGee: Whatever happened to EdGee?

EdGee, once a household name in the dnb scene some years back and one who has supported the likes of LTJ Bukem and many other internationals, mysteriously disappeared from the behind the decks and DJ stardom in around 2002. Upset dancefloor groupies, bar stool punters and other drum and bass aficionados were outraged believing darker forces were at work. However, EdGee assures us that it was indeed his own move to sit back from the limelight despite a number of kidnap and ransom attempts involving this man during this period. I caught up with EdGee, or Shane as his mumma prefers to call him, to demystify things once and for all.

Cause: mate, why?

EdGee: Why what?

Cause: Why did you do it? Were you just having a bad day and decided to move back to the bedroom to DJ?

EdGee: To be honest with you, I had a few, shall we say hiccups, with the crew I was involved with at the time which sort of lead me to reassess some aspects of what I was doing. As well as that, Moving Through Air was having a bit of a reassessment itself so gigs for me were few and far between. Oh well, I was due for a break anyway.

Cause: You have been fairly well known for playing out the deeper soulful drum and bass vibe, are still passionate about that sound?

EdGee: Hell yeah! I mean, when you’re onto a good thing, you should stick with it, right?

Cause: Do you have any darkness in your box that might be heard at the appropriate time?

EdGee: Definitely man. You’ve gotta be prepared for pretty much any situation when you’re behind the decks and if it is necessary, you can bet I’ll be prepared! Dib dib, dob dob, and all that Scout crap.

Cause: You supported LTJ Bukem a few years back in, what was it like supporting the likes LTJ? How was the gig?

EdGee: At that time, for me, even being mentioned in the same sentence as Bukem was a highlight never mind playing after him at the illustrious Skygarden. That gig was right up there with my best, even though I didn’t play till about 5am, at which time there was still roughly 400 people there when I hopped on. To sumarise, it was really good!

Cause: More recently you have been making your own tunage and even got released through Good Looking Records a while back. Tell use about that?

EdGee: Not that much to tell really, I was just starting out with my production and Vice Versa said they wanted to do a remix of my tune ‘I Feel It’. Maybe 6 months to a year later they had 8 or so tunes signed to Good Looking and the remix was one of them. The rest is history.

Cause: Do you have an intention to get more involved with production?

EdGee: I am trying to juggle producing with work, renovation and of course DJing as we speak so yeah, I am getting a little more involved but there are other things in life and you just can’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Cause: here’s one for the headz, what is your studio set up?

EdGee: I have a computer, a midi controller and a pair of event monitors. Unfortunately for me, I’m not so technically minded when it comes to computers and the like so if you want any info on my comp, you’re gonna have to ask freddyfred.

Cause: What gigs have you got coming up?

EdGee: Well, if you discount the one this Friday at Deepbeats on the 10th, I have umm… nothing confirmed at the moment. Sometimes there are droughts and sometimes it pours.

EdGee will be playing this Friday 10th at the Deepbeatz launch party at the Bombora Bar (Bondi Hotel). For more details check out ITM Whatson.

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