Duke Dumont walks off stage after punters spit at and throw drinks on him

Video has emerged of Duke Dumont cutting a set short after punters spat and threw drinks at him while he was DJing.

During a Saturday night show at Union Hall in Edmonton, Canada, attendees standing on a balcony overlooking the DJ booth repeatedly spat at Duke Dumont during his set, causing him to turn off the music and walk away. In a video picked up by Dancing Astronaut, Dumont – real name Adam Dyment – can be seen stopping the music and venting on the mic.

“I’m sorry guys, people up here are spitting at me, they’re throwing drinks on me,” he says. “I know you guys paid good money, but I don’t get paid enough to get spat on. There’s spit all over the CDJs. And I’ll tell you what, if you’re brave enough, come the fuck down now. If you’re mad enough to spit, you’re mad enough to come right up here.”

“Again guys, I’m really sorry for 99.9 percent of you, but if someone spat on you, none of you guys would accept it,” he says before the video ends.

Unfortunately, the Union Hall show isn’t Dumont’s first show-gone-wrong. Last year he told inthemix about a disaster gig from his early years on the DJ circuit, in which the promoter told Dyment mid-set that he couldn’t afford to pay him – and then got kicked out after being busted doing drugs. “I don’t respect any DJ until they’ve played to less people than they’ve got fingers on their hands,” he reasoned. “It’s character-building. It’s a journey that I wouldn’t change in the slightest.”

While DJs like local star Motez and L.A. talent ookay have tweeted in support of Dumont, the Duke himself is yet to comment publicly. Watch video of the incident below.