Duck Sauce: Let’s dance

Once the sun goes down at Parklife, the Sahara Stage will be brought home by superstar team Duck Sauce. With an album soon set to follow the wildfire success of Barbra Streisand, the guys will have plenty to fire with. As the festival’s first weekend approaches, inthemix got on the phone to quintessential New Yorker Armand Van Helden to hear about his dynamite rapport with A-Trak, the glory days of the ‘90s and why Duck Sauce loves the sunshine.

Earlier this year, you came out to Australia for the first time as Duck Sauce for Field Day. In an interview you did with them you made some New Year’s resolutions, so I’m interested to see if you’ve kept them. Did you learn to drive?

I didn’t learn to drive but I did get my learner’s permit.

Do you own a car?

I don’t, and here’s the funny thing. I would have had a car by now, but all my friends in New York don’t own a car. They can all drive though, but they don’t own a car. And my one friend who owns a car is always like, “I’ll take you to get a car”.

But when we buy the car and go to pick it up, I need another person who can drive. So it’s kind of like this whole thing. I need one car to go there and two fully licensed drivers and me. It’s an excuse but it’s been the only hold-back.

You also mentioned in the interview you were going to release a new album in 2011. Is that finished?

Yeah, we finished the album earlier in the year and it will be out soon. I don’t know exactly, I can’t even tell you a date ‘cause I’m pretty much in the dark, but it’s being worked on.

Speaking of New Year’s, how was the Field Day experience?

It was fun, we had a good time. We did the day time set. You know, I like our sets all hours, but sometimes it feels like our sound can translate better in the day time or to that degree. But we’ve done a lot of the festivals. I mean we could do the night thing; it’s not that much of a big difference, but the day time tends to be, for most people, the toughest crowd. ‘Cause everybody can still see things so good, so it’s kind of hard to win over a daytime crowd. But our music is so kind of chilled in comparison to most of the dance things that exist, I guess, that our daytime set seems to be just this really warm, happy environment.

I’m sort of learning to be a DJ myself as part of a competition at the moment, and I’m going to do a retro 90s set. What would be you song picks if you could give me some tips?

Oh god. Man, that’s a big decade. I mean the ‘90s was just a massive decade of debauchery – but also amazing music. I mean it’s just like triple what the ‘80s was in terms of information. But um, for me on the dance level, I was spinning house back then so if you’re trying to play like ‘90s house I would say, wow. I’ll give you stuff that’s not normally as known and that could be better for you.

Play Underground Solution’s Luv Dancin’. Play Bobby Konder’s Nervous Acid or The Poem. Play Hot Music by Soho, or Earth People – the song’s called Dance. I mean I could go on and on and on; ‘90s is a big era. That’s a big era man! I mean you’re talking…there’s a whole bunch of stuff!

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