Dubstep Sells: 10 Wubb-Heavy Cash-Ins

Oh dubstep, is there anything you can’t do? After wobbling its way into the mainstream, the once-underground genre has become about as on-the-radar as you can get, with its reach now extending far beyond just the musical realm. Dubstep’s latest stomping ground? The world of advertising.

As was brought to our attention in a recent article from Spin, dubstep’s (and we’re using a pretty loose definition of the word) sub-bass wobbles and screeches have transcended commercial music and taken over plain old commercials. Presumably in an attempt on the part of advertisers to be hip and down with the musical tastes of the ‘yoof of today, the divisive genre has been spotted in ads for everything from fast food to booze and terrible-looking movies – and to prove it, we’ve counted down 10 of the most memorable wubb-heavy cash-ins. Step aside sex; it’s dubstep that sells now!

10. Northface

Kicking off the list is the “Never Stop Exploring” ad for puffy-jacket makers Northface, set to the deep wubbs of Bassnectar’s Magical World. The ad features a couple who look like they aren’t adverse to drinking their own piss when the occasion calls for it, fearlessly climbing a really big mountain, because dubstep’s badass and they’re badass and I suppose they want you to think that Northface is badass, too.

9. KFC Krushers

KFC has long gone for the bloke market, so it’s fitting they went the brostep angle in their ad for Krusher shakes. There isn’t much to this one (except for perhaps a hectic music/hectic beverage connection), but it’s heartwarming to see that Australian advertisers are down with dubstep too.

8. ‘The Watch’ trailer

When a few seconds of Skrillex is the highlight of a movie trailer, things don’t bode well for the future Rotten Tomatoes rating of the flick in question. The Watch has Bangarang enter just as the lack of plot becomes so apparent the filmmakers must have known they needed something really loud and distracting to divert attention. Well, that’s one use for the genre.

7. GoPro HD

Because nothing says energy like dubstep and no one says dubstep more than Skrillex (to Americans, that is), poster boy of the Stateside “EDM” boom gets two entries on this list. The second is an ad for GoPro cameras, where Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites provides the soundtrack to a high-octane kayaking adventure through a waterfall. Not everyone’s digging it, though – the most liked comment on this video (before being marked as spam) on YouTube is, “Thumbs up if the robot diarrhea noise ruins this?”

6. Southern Comfort

By now you’ve probably picked up on the badass theme in these wubb-heavy ads, and this latest instalment is no exception. Southern Comfort advertises how extreme their ghastly new Tabasco-infused spirit (go ahead, vomit) is with the help of some illustrative brostep breakdowns.

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