Dubstep pioneer Benga announces “my DJ career is finished”

In a surprise announcement on his Facebook page, London dubstep original Benga has ‘retired’ from DJing to start a family. “Big up to all my real supporters,” he signed off. “It’s been a lovely time.” You can read the post below. (It’s unclear, however, whether Benga is quitting making music too.)

“Salute to my brother Benga,” the producer’s right-hand-man Skream wrote on Twitter following the bombshell. “It takes a lot to announce something like that. He’s been nothing but pure inspiration to me over the years.” From there, he went on to re-tweet a string of supportive messages from fans.

Benga’s status as a dubstep figurehead began at the Big Apple record store in London neighbourhood Croydon, where he got his electronic education with friends Skream and Artwork. From there, he became a guiding force in the genre’s meteoric rise from the underground, including the crossover success of his live ‘super-group’ Magnetic Man.

Last year, Benga released his third album Chapter II, following the definitive Diary Of An Afro Warrior and his 2006 debut Newstep. In making Chapter II, the producer told inthemix at the time, he was looking beyond the ‘dubstep’ tag. “I just think if I use the term dubstep, it definitely does limit my music,” he said. “It doesn’t let me be as creative as I want to be. In order for me to be creative Benga in the studio, I have to remove that tag and just write Benga music.” In recent years, Benga and Skream have held a post on BBC Radio 1, showcasing ‘slammers and bangers’ from all corners of electronic music.

In 2013, Benga collaborated with Red Bull for a six-part series fittingly titled I Am Benga, charting the South Londoner’s life from his Croydon beginnings through to his increasingly above-ground career. You can watch the first chapter below, and follow on with the rest at Red Bull’s official website.

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