Download Knife Party’s EP…for free!

December is shaping up to be a pretty good month for fans of Pendulum side project Knife Party. A couple weeks back, it was announced that the duo are embarking on an Australian tour and a few days ago they were added to the Future Music Festival second line-up. Now, it gets even better – we’ve got word that Knife Party will be releasing a four-track EP for free download on December 12. Yes, for free!

The EP, 100% No Modern Talking, is their first – and in a very generous token of appreciation for their fans, the pair are eschewing traditional money-making avenues and handing their “seizure music” release straight to the public. You can download the EP via the duo’s website or Facebook page come Monday.

Knife Party 100% No Modern Talking Tracklist:

1.Internet Friends

2.Destroy Them With Lazers


4.Fire Hive