Donate to the campaign to bring Darude to Australia

Whoever you are, Rei Barker, you deserve a medal. This fully sik m8 has started a Pozible campaign to raise $200,000 to tour Darude, the Finnish producer behind the indelible (and highly meme-worthy) 1999 rave anthem Sandstorm.

“Simply put, Sandstorm is the finest song ever created and by extension, Darude is the most influential and important musician alive,” Barker writes, inarguably, on the Pozible page. “To my knowledge, he has never been to Australia which is a damn shame [he toured in 2001]… I have done some bookings for acts in the past but the idea is more or less to throw a bunch of money at him and froth out… If there’s money left over I’ll give out free pingers at the shows (joking).”

For a US$1 contribution, you “get to be a part of history and bring darude to OZ. Bro,” while US$50 will get you a ticket to the theoretical show, and for US$1000, “I’ll write you a sick rap and put it on youtube for you with some dance moves added.”

For examples of Barker’s aforementioned “dance moves,” see the Pozible video below – and donate your cash to this worthy cause here.