Does Oliver Heldens do Moby justice with his remix of ‘Go’?

Last month Moby released Porcelain, a memoir that charts his journey from a small time DJ in the ’90s rave scene to one of dance music’s first superstars.

The release of his track Go – which singlehandedly took Moby from a fledgling producer to an artist big enough to play Top of the Pops – features heavily in the book. Now, Moby has tasked another dance name with the job of reinventing his breakthrough hit.

Dutch pro Oliver Heldens has turned in a faithful reinvention of Go under his deep house moniker HI-LO, which according to Billboard was commissioned by Moby himself. Hear how it stacks up next to the original below.

If you’re in the mood for more Moby, grab yourself a copy of Music From Porcelain. The two-disc compilation is designed as a companion to the dance legend’s autobiography and spans both Moby’s biggest hits and the tracks he liked to play in the DJ sets of his early years, from 808 State to Run DMC.