DJ Samrai [Audio]: He’s legalising the mixtape


At only 27 years old, hip hop turntablist DJ Samrai has achievements to his name that go beyond the fact that he’s won numerous DJ competitions. Not only was he the first Australian turntablist to be signed to a major label when he inked a deal with Universal Records, his The Blazin’ series of compilations were in fact the first legal hip-hop mixtape made available in Australia.

Other than that, his more technically-based achievements speak for themselves: in 2000 he became the youngest ever to represent Australia at the DMC World finals, at the age of only 20 years old, and he’s been consistently taking home the prizes at DJ competitions ever since then. ITM’s DJ Mo Funk talks to Samrai about his hectic tour schedule, how he’s taken to the art of ‘digital DJing’ as well as what we can expect when he plays the ‘Art In Motion’ tour alongside Coldcut and Nu-Mark this Thursday night.

DJ Samrai performs at HP’s Art in Motion at the Forum in Sydney on Dec 6th, along with Coldcut, DJ Numark, Pfadfinderei, Apsci and more. You can RSVP online for free entry at www.hpinteraction.com.