DJ Mehdi is dead

UPDATE: There has been confirmation overnight from DJ Mehdi’s publicists that the French performer has indeed died. The information indicates that Mehdi was killed at his home in Paris after the roof above his studio collapsed and he fell to his death.

Reports are streaming in across the internet tonight that French DJ, producer and musician DJ Mehdi has died at the unfortunately young age of 34. As difficult as that is to believe, message sent across Twitter from Mehdi’s DJ peers seem to lend credence to the sad news.

While we wait for an official statement from Ed Banger and DJ Mehdi’s management a lone French news outlet has published their own report confirming the DJ’s death, and with the assistance of Google Translate it alleges that the well loved Frenchman died from “an accident”.

At this stage that’s all the information that inthemix has to go upon and we will update this story with any further information that comes to hand confirming or debunking the distressing news of Mehdi’s passing.

Working regularly as a DJ, producer and remixer before finding international acclaim as an integral member of Pedro Winter’s Ed Banger label roster, DJ Mehdi released his Lucky Boy album in 2006 before kicking off the Carte Blanche collaboration with Riton, with which he championed a return to classic house sounds. He was due to play in Australia this summer as a part of the Summadayze and Summafieldayze festival tours.

Herve: “I can’t believe mehdi may be dead. Hand on heart one of the best men I met in dance music. This seems impossible??”

Rory Phillips: “Saw you just last week with the biggest of smiles and the heartiest of hugs. Can’t believe it. Rest in peace, friend.”

Zombie Nation: “One of the finest people has left. Bye my friend.”

Levins: “Every time he returned to Sydney he would ask about every single person he met at that first show. He was so genuine and sincere. A gent.”

Chromeo: “We lost our brother. No words.”