DJ kills nightclub patron after song request scuffle

As our No Breasts, No Requests gallery so eloquently illustrated last year, DJs aren’t exactly known for being fond of song requests. But while demands for a particular tune are usually met with mild annoyance, a DJ in the US (where else?) has taken things one step further and shot dead a club patron who asked to play his CD.

As reported by The Atlanta Journal Constitution (and picked up by blog Stoney Roads), Johnny Jackson III, or “DJ Outlaw”, has been charged with murder after shooting a nightclub customer dead last month. The victim, Mark Williams, allegedly attacked Jackson in the club for refusing to play his CD. Later, Jackson shot Williams in the parking lot of the nightclub five times.

Jackson argues that he was walking to his car when he saw Williams approaching with a gun in his hand and acted in self-defence. The prosecutors, however, argued that Williams wasn’t carrying a gun, and one witness stated that she saw DJ Outlaw “fire a couple of times and then stand over the victim and fire more.” However it went down, this is a pretty sad and crazy story. [Photo by Kris Macotta]

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