DJ Falcon’s ‘Collaborators’ video revisits Daft Punk’s rave days

With the release date for Random Access Memories just within reach, you might now be tiring of the foreplay. Soon enough the album will be serenading your ears, but in the meantime, there’s another entry in The Collaborators video series. This time, it’s enduring French house specialist DJ Falcon waxing lyrical on camera about his part in the LP.

Even if you’ve now heard enough about how Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter went about making Random Access Memories, the video’s worth a watch for some early footage of Daft Punk banging it out at a warehouse rave in the early days before Homework. A young Pedro Winter, aka Busy P, also makes an appearance. DJ Falcon goes back a long way with Daft Punk, having released his breakout 12-inch on Bangalter’s record label Roulé in the late ‘90s.

This week, Billboard’s Kerri Mason published a rare and revealing interview with Bangalter, discovering why no laptops were used in the making of Random Access Memories. “The problem with the way to make music today, these are turnkey systems; they come with preset banks and sounds,” Bangalter mused. “They’re not inviting you to challenge the systems themselves, or giving you the ability to showcase your personality, individuality.

“It’s not really a judgment or criticism of any of the music today; rather trying to bring a different point of view and different alternative,” he went on. “It’s mostly a question: Is it still possible to have this dream of looking at the way music is made like movies are made? It used to be teamwork. Is it still possible? Is there still an audience, a market for it? All interesting questions as an experiment. We are musicians even more than producers, in some sense composers. We’re not the best-selling artists in the world, but we have this dream; this ability to try to do this project and see if it we can make it happen.”