Dirty South’s seven golden rules for creativity

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Dirty South’s seven golden rules for creativity

We’ve teamed up with Heineken to introduce you to some men and women who have chosen to go beyond their borders, challenge the status quo, say ‘why not?’ instead of ‘it can’t be done’ – and as a result have made the world a more interesting place for the rest of us. For more people worth watching, head here.

After finding that he was spending most of his life touring the US and Europe, Melbourne-bred producer Dirty South, aka Dragan Roganovic, upped sticks and made the move – like so many of the brightest stars in Australian dance – over the Pacific to Los Angeles.

So far it seems to be working out rather well. Besides landing a profitable residency with LiFE Nightclub at SLS Las Vegas and keeping up his constant international touring schedule, he’s also managed to move into film; Roganovic has written, directed and edited a short film to accompany his latest album With You (out on Friday 31 October – pre-order the album here). We got Roganovic on the phone to get his seven best tips for how to succeed in a strange new land. [Photos via Dirty South’s Facebook.]

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