Here’s what Diplo actually thinks of ‘What Would Diplo Do’

Next week, SBS Viceland’s hotly-anticipated new series What Would Diplo Do lands on our screens. Judging by the few trailers and snippets we’ve seen so far, it’s going to be utterly bonkers.

While series star James Van Der Beek has been very busy creating a parody Twitter account and hosting fake fan Q&A’s, there’s one person who’s remained pretty quiet about it all: the real Diplo.

But not any more. The producer just aired his thoughts about the show in an interview with Rolling Stoneclearing up any doubts over whether WWDD is a true reflection of his real life.

“It’s more of a reflection of my Twitter persona, which was always a joke,” Diplo told RS. “In the past few years, I left it alone because I didn’t think people understood the joke and took all my sarcasm seriously, so it wasn’t worth defending myself. But for a while it was pretty golden and this is a sort of social commentary on the social media and the EDM age.”

He acknowledged that while some of the more unflattering scenes were “hard to watch”, in the end it was for a good cause: “I view [the show] as sacrificing myself to poke fun at DJ/EDM culture as a whole.”

Van Der Beek adds that Diplo was a very good sport about it all, even dropping by the writer’s room to bounce around ideas.

“He really had no boundaries in terms of making himself look bad,” Van Der Beek told RS. “I actually had to bring him around to the idea that we don’t make him completely ridiculous. I wanted him to be an interesting, complex person.”

Read the full interview with Van Der Beek and Diplo hereWhat Would Diplo Do lands on SBS Viceland on August 8. Watch the official trailer below.